Monday, May 16, 2016

Chapter 2

The best way out is always through.

I have been absent my keyboard for far too long but for very good reasons. 60 has been a little elusive these past few weeks, took a vacation and dealt with some birthdays.

The vacation was to visit the mothers of my lovely wife and myself. The surprise was just as amazing for us as it was for them. That peace of mind knowing that your remembered, loved and most of all, missed. Friday night was exhausting, as flying through storms in the mile high city are ..whats the word, less than desirable not to mention the litany of plan's we had set in place to take care of. We didn't meet all of them but we certainly made the important ones count. Family is family and there is a very good reason we all hold onto it. Sharing is caring and caring is sharing. Also, I would like to note that eating your cake on your one year anniversary(couldn't do it back in april because  it was in a freezer in a different state) is so silly, and it tastes less than it did a year ago. As the weekend progressed the clock seemed to move faster and it wasn't long before the minute and hour hand had betrayed us and sent us back to daily grind, our minds now locked into a different time zone with a slight hint of laziness and gratitude to be off our feet. And so Tuesday happened. Then Wednesday. Thursday. Friday crawled past like a snail. Suddenly, birthdays.

Saturday was my birthday.

Don't ask, as some would say, "I have already forgotten."

My brother offered up his residence to host and bought one of the most amazing cakes I have ever tasted(chocolate ice cream with brownie slices and frozen chocolate in the middle). Minutes turned to hours and we were already starting to look into the next week and Mondays birthday, for my lovely wife. It stinks when little or less can be done when your dedicating your work to get you to  a place that has more but you do what you can.

Looks like this week i'm going to have to step my game up ..60, here we come!

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