Thursday, April 21, 2016

Chapter 1 Cont.

There's a way to do it better - find it.

As I recently wrote, there was no easy way to chase the hours, I still stand behind that statement. Since I have chances and opportunities to take it somewhere, the clock seems to spin at a bearable pace. This week, and the week prior coasted me to my destination rather smoothly but I know all too well that getting comfortable and complacent is just another way to get caught. Working near me is a "country cousin" with a great outlook on life and an awesome laugh. He left me with this quote one day when he noticed me dragging my boots, desperately looking for the end of the day.

(Insert thick southern accent into this pause in your reading)

"Sometimes, you just have too much shoot, and not enough DANG! SHOOT DANG!"

(Relieve yourself from the thick southern accent)

I couldn't help myself, I doubled over in laughter. But he was right. Sometimes we have a little too much shoot, not enough dang. There will be days we don't have shoot, and i'll be darned, too much dang.

My anniversary was on Monday. A crazy thought ran through my brain. "What do I do." In all fairness, this is the first one. Flowers? Dinner? Lavish weekend outside the confines of our predicament? I really didn't know, so I awoke around 5:45 a.m. and made my way to the kitchen. Bacon. Toast. Eggs. Diced banana. Cup of orange juice. All placed on a wood tray meant for what I was about to do, and presented her with breakfast in bed. We are not made of money, nor have we found the wonderful tree that bears such fruit and we were both elated to take an hour of our day to chatter lightly over a wonderful meal neither one of us is totally accustomed to having due to our crazy busy schedules.

Sometimes its the little things that makes our hearts grow stronger.

And so work continued.

Work has been incredibly slow as far as our industry is concerned and the more I turn my head in worry, the more I am proven wrong. I chose a company in which to switch careers. Not just a job, a career. And succeeded apparently, at an extraordinary level. Knowing my wife and I are safe and secure is by far one of the more elating things I could possibly think of. One day we will be able to share that with the feeling of being around more family and loved ones. Until then and after then I will continue to blog, blog, blog, and ....

You guessed it, blog.

Chasing 60 was never truly a life goal for me but it suits what is necessary in the moment. As each hour passes by my hopes and dreams are uplifted as I know, one less day in such a predicament. The pace can't always be planned, not even predicted but there is one thing I can control. Head held high, I will be the best big "bwruda" my siblings could hope for, the wonderful son and the loving husband. One day, amazing father.

Until then, lets chase 60.

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